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Welcome to my brand new website! I’m excited to share how yoga can  improve you mind and body wellness as I found out by experience. Since discovering yoga in 2010 my life really has been transformed on every level, and I’m now fortunate to be able to fully focus on sharing this with my regular yoga class students and my private clients.

Yoga means many things to many people – for some its exercise,  or a way to build or regain lost flexibility and strength. For others its a deeply spiritual practice focusing meditation and pranayama (breath work). For me, it was initially a way to reduce work related stress and shoulder/neck  pain – now its a way of life that has brought me to a place of joy and contentment that I’ve never before experienced. I do feel truly blessed and being an English woman with a sometimes “stiff upper lip” its not something that I say lightly!

So you may ask what’s the difference between going to a yoga class or enlisting for private yoga, or yoga as therapy sessions? In the yoga classes that I teach, I aim to ensure that all students are firstly safe, and secondly can work at a level that challenges them, without causing any pain. I encourage listening to your own body, as you ultimately will know when you have reached your edge. Prior to class starting I will ask if there are any students with specific challenges that I should be aware of e.g. hip replacements, knees or back surgery, pregnancy or high blood pressure so that I can modify poses accordingly as we work through class. However, in spite of this, I cannot provide the one on one attention that you may require for various reasons, such as:

  • You have a physical condition which is causing pain or discomfort and you would like to utilize a non-invasive, non pharmaceutical approach to alleviating the pain*.
  • You would like to practice yoga in a group class, but don’t currently feel comfortable in that setting.

As well as teaching and practicing yoga I’m a keen gardener, cyclist, swimmer, cook and knitter. I live with my husband Ken, also a yoga teacher and 2 cats, Clive and Zaza. Over the coming weeks and months, in addition to sharing yoga focused posts I look forward to sharing my exploits/recipes/gardening tips and knitting patterns.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you have any questions about classes, private yoga or yoga as therapy. Let me know what you’d like to hear about  and please sign up for my newsletter and “like me’ on Facebook. (so un-British to ask for anyone to like me, but I guess that life has moved on!!)

*Yoga has been proven to alleviate many physical and mental conditions, but please check with your doctor as to whether it is the right solution for you.


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