Yoga in the SunYoga as Therapy for Physical and Mental Well-Being

Yoga has been used to create health and well being for centuries and by practicing yoga as therapy you can restore your body and mind to the best version of possible.

Physical Pain/Injuries

Body misalignment, injury or illness can manifest as pain in various parts of the body, often as referred pain from the source. By assessing, correcting or improving alignment of the whole body, pain can be alleviated and optimal muscular and skeletal health achieved.

This approach provides relief for Back Pain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Repetitive and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Feet, Ankle, Knee, and Hip issues are also alleviated.

Emotional/Mental Issues

​Yoga is also very effective in providing a means to deal with anxiety, depression and stress. Practicing breathing techniques combined with meditation and a gentle yoga asana (poses) practice can help to quieten your mind and restore emotional balance to your life.

Program details

During your initial session I will complete an assessment  from which I will create an individual program to address your physical, and if appropriate, emotional challenges. The program will include traditional yoga poses and additional exercises that you will be able to continue practicing in your home.

Breathwork and meditation techniques will be included as your condition and personal interest directs.

Depending on the nature or severity of your condition you may expect to find relief during the initial session. For deep-seated or long-standing patterns of injury or postural misalignment a series of sessions may be required.

Yoga or comfortable workout clothing is recommended. The assessment will be completed fully attired.

Pricing Schedule

  • The first of the 3 initial  sessions  will last for 90 minutes and  include a full evaluation. The following 2 sessions will last for 60 minutes each – $240
  • Subsequent  3 session packs will last for 60 mins each at – $195

Schedule appointments with Caroline on 269-762-7155

???????????????????????????????Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are available if you would like to deepen any aspect of your personal practice, would like to practice on a one to one basis or with your own group. These classes are available at Dancing Feet Yoga studio, in New Buffalo, MI or in your home.

Pricing Schedule

1 hour session at the studio $75 for the first person + $15 for each additional person.
1 hour session at a location of your choice – please contact me to discuss rates.

Yoga Classes at Dancing Feet Yoga

I teach 3 classes per week at Dancing Feet Yoga in New Buffalo MI.

Saturday 11:30-12:45ET Mixed Level Hatha
Wednesday 6:30-8:00ET Hatha Basics
Friday 9:00-10:30ET Intermediate Flow

For a full description of classes and complete schedule please click here