What clients say about Caroline...

“Caroline is  a good teacher, and she has patience, because she genuinely want students to “get it”.  People can be put off by yoga because they don’t know about it, and are fearful of going to a class, not knowing anything.  Her ability to introduce people to yoga in a one-on-one situation will make that transition easier.  Also, for those of us with injuries, the ability to have her focus on yoga within the injury is invaluable.  I know that my healing was positively impacted by my ability to continue yoga during the recuperation.”
Marge Spears

“There are few people with whom I would even consider attempting yoga. Caroline is sincere, compassionate, funny and patient in her approach to teaching something she genuinely loves. For someone like me, who is trying to get back into shape, struggling to do simple physical tasks that were once easy is emotionally difficult. She projects a non-judgmental and kind approach to our one on one yoga sessions that makes me feel far more comfortable than I ever imagined.”

David Stratton

“As a yoga therapist Caroline is clear. She understood my physical issues and found correct treatment for me and  gave me exercises that I was able to do at home. She analyzed my alignment and guided me to a therapeutic recovery where I am no longer fatigued. I am proud to say with her help and instruction I am walking with a better gait, posture and for longer time at an increase speed. Luckily I am even breathing better … more deeply and strongly.  She  really is a healer! I thank my god /universe everyday for her.”
Maggie Galloway